The program does not have an option that will automatically add a border to the project. So, there is not a place where you click a button or add a check to turn on a border. Instead, you have to manually add the image elements of the border you want to appear. For example:

  1. Launch Hallmark Card Studio
  2. Click on Birthdays.
  3. Select and open a card project.
  4. Click the Art Studio button near the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Click the Clip Art button at the top of the screen.
  6. Click the Frames & Backgrounds option on the left-hand side.
  7. Click the Border Pieces on the list that appears below the Frames & Borders.
  8. Select one of the images from the right-hand side and click OK.
  9. Move and reposition the image so it is on one of the edges of the card.

You would then add each additional piece you want to appear on the card.