Starting with Hallmark Card Studio 2007, you now have the option to print borderless projects. In order to print borderlessly, the following qualifications must be met:

  • Printing a borderless project
  • Printing on a borderless printer
  • Printer is configured to print in borderless mode
  • The "Print borderless" option is checked

Please review the following information:

Borderless Project:
There are two types of pre-designed projects in Hallmark Card Studio. These projects are either borderless or non-borderless. The non-borderless projects are specifically designed with a built-in border to them. When printing these projects, regardless of having a borderless printer set up correctly, you will still end up with a border.

Borderless Printer:
Often, people see that the program can print borderless cards but they do not have a borderless printer. This is a special printer that can print to the edge of paper. Many people think that the program can print borderlessly, without understanding that they have to have a borderless printer. For Hallmark Card Studio to print a borderless project, the project must be printed on a borderless printer and the borderless feature needs to be enabled.

Printer Configuration:
Borderless printers often have a specific option in the printer's setup that enables/disables the borderless printing. Sometimes, this is confused with the margin settings. Depending on the printer, the margins settings may have nothing to do with borderless printing. We recommend that people verify that they have a borderless printer and that the borderless printing option is enabled. We also recommend that the borderless printing option is enabled before even launching Hallmark Card Studio. The program sometimes has problems with printers using the Printer Setup option on the Print screen. Sometimes, the changes made this way does not actually get applied to the printer's settings.

"Print borderless" Option
On the Print screen, you will see the "Print borderless" option. This option allows the program to print a borderless project as borderless. By default, this option will be enabled. Also, this option will only appear on borderless projects. If you do not see this, then the project you are trying to print is not a borderless project, so you will end up with a border.

If all these things are done properly, there should be no problems printing a project as borderless.