PhotoPower is a separate program that runs within Hallmark Card Studio. You can use PhotoPower whenever you select a photo (or other graphic file that isn't clip art) in your project. For more information, see Chapter 9: Editing Photos with PhotoPower, in the User Manual accessible from Hallmark Card Studio by choosing Help > Hallmark Card Studio Manual.


 Note: The PhotoPower feature is only available in Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe version.


To start PhotoPower:

  • Select a photo (or other graphic) in your design and choose Edit > Edit in PhotoPower
  • Right-click the photo, and choose Edit in PhotoPower
  • Select a photo and click Edit in PhotoPower on the Photo toolbar. 
  • If you've inserted a digital photo into a photo frame, click Edit in PhotoPower on the Photo Frame toolbar.

The PhotoPower window shows the photo in the Preview area.


Note: PhotoPower has its own help system. To view PhotoPower Help, click the Help '?' button to the right of the tabs.