Hallmark Card Studio for Mac requires internet access. This is true even for boxed versions on DVD.

If you are getting errors saying it cannot connect to the internet, or it cannot load some of the designs, please start by verifying that you have a good, constant connection to the internet. The program requires it.

If your Mac is currently connected, you should check your anti-virus, firewall or anti-malware software on your computer.

Often it is one of these programs blocking the Hallmark program's access to the internet.

In some instances the connection may be too slow, or have too much latency for the program.

This is especially true on satellite internet (such as HughesNet), internet via a cellular connection, dialup, and some slower DSL ISPs under 1 megabit.


You can clear cache by following those steps

1. Close the program thru Hallmark Card Studio>Quit Hallmark Card studio, or via Force Quit
2. Use Go To Folder, in the Finder’s Go menu (also accessible by pressing Shift+Command+G)
3.Type in ~/Library and click Go
4. Double-click "Application Support" folder
5. Double-click "Hallmark Card Studio" folder
6.Drag the Backup folder to the Trash bin
 7.Re-launch Hallmark Card Studio, click Choose A Design