There are several possible reasons for why this may occurs. Below are a couple of the more common solutions that we have found.

We recommend that the first thing you do is update the printer drivers. Even if you just recently purchased the printer, we still recommend you check with the printer manufacturer’s website, as there may be an update to the drivers. Typically, these are found in either a Driver or Support section on the manufacturer’s website. You want to download and install the drivers with the steps provided on the manufacturer’s website.

If updating your printer drivers does not resolve the issue, then we would suggest that you print the project in a lower quality mode. You can change the print quality in the Hallmark software by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch the Hallmark software.
  2. Click the Tools menu. You will see the High Quality Printing option with a check mark next to it.
  3. Select the High Quality Printing option. This will turn off the High Quality Printing and close the Tools menu.
  4. Verify the High Quality Printing is disabled by going to the Tools menu and making sure there is no longer a check mark next to the High Quality Printing.
  5. Open the project to print and print it.