This message is related to two possible problems:

The first is that you may not have a complete installation of the program. When selecting the project to open, the program tries to open the layout for that project. If it cannot be found, then you will get this error message. In this case, we suggest you reinstall the software. During a typical installation, you should be prompted to insert all the discs. If you are not prompted for all the discs when doing a complete installation of the program, you may have a problem with one of the discs. In that case, you will want to note any messages you receive before the installation completes. With that information, contact our Technical Support. We will attempt to determine the problem that is keeping the installation from completing.

Note: The DVD versions of Hallmark Card Studio only have 1 disc. You will not be prompted for any additional discs on those versions.

The second possible cause of this is if you hover your mouse over one of the projects, but use the Enter key on the keyboard to try to open it. For some reason, the system does not communicate between the mouse and keyboard in this instance. To correct this, you need to hover the mouse over the project and use the mouse button to open it. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the selection box to the project and then press the Enter key. If you hover the mouse over the project you want, you need to use the mouse button, or move the selection box off and back on the project with the arrow keys and then press the Enter key.