Starting in Hallmark Card Studio 2011, the method of creating envelopes for multiple addresses from the Address Book has changed. You can create such an envelope with the following steps:

  1. Launch Hallmark Card Studio 2011
  2. Go to Other Projects - Envelopes.
  3. Select and open the envelope project you wish to use.
  4. Click once on the text box that displays the phony mailing address information.
  5. Click on the far right button on the floating tool bar. It shows Address Book when you hover over the button.
  6. On the Edit Replaceable Fields window click the OK button. The default items are useable for most situations.
  7. Edit the return address text box to include your information.
  8. Click the Print button.
  9. On the Print screen, click the Address Book button.
  10. Select the names you wish to print an envelope for and click the OK button.
  11. Click the Print Now button to print the envelope(s).