Note: This information only applies to Hallmark Card Studio 2010

The first thing that we recommend is that you verify you are clicking the Yes button when it asks at the end if the project printed correctly. If you close this window without clicking that Yes button or if you click the No button, the settings are not saved to a configuration file. This will then prompt you to go through the wizard the next time you try to print a card.

Now, we have seen this issue occur on some computers even after the person clicks the Yes button. In those cases, something is preventing the software from saving the information to the configuration file. Our developers are currently investigating the potential cause and solution for this issue.

If the software still requires you to go through the wizard even after you have clicked the Yes button, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support. They will provide you directions on how to locate the configuration file. You will need to send that file to them and they will respond back with an updated configuration file. The file is unique to your system, so we are unable to post a file that will work for everyone.