The Hallmark Card Studio software comes with a couple of pre-sized paper options. This will vary for different project types. The Hallmark Card Studio will also list all the paper size options that are part of your printer’s settings.

Some printers will allow you to create a custom page size. If this is an option on your printer, it will show up in the list of paper sizes in Hallmark Card Studio. For more information on this, please see this article:

How do I print to a custom paper size? (KB040153)

Follow this example to see how to change the paper size:

  1. Launch the Hallmark Card Studio program.
  2. Click the Birthdays button.
  3. On the card selection screen, select the first card.
  4. On the Personalize screen, click the Print button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
  5. On the Print screen, click the down arrow from the drop-down list on step 1.
  6. Select the paper size that you wish to print to.

The first 6 options are ones that come with the program. You will see these same options on any computer, no matter what type of printer is connected. All the other options that appear after this are taken from your Printer Settings. If you connect a different printer, you may see different paper options.