This problem happens when the MSXML component of Windows has become mis-configured or corrupted. The software is designed to use the MSXML component for several portions of the program. If this is not working properly, you will see these results.

Our Developers have created a file which will bypass the use of MSXML and resolve this issue. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Close out Hallmark Card Studio 2006, if it is currently open.
  2. Highlight the following file name including the quotes, right-click it and select Copy:

    "Hallmark Card Studio.exe.manifest"

  3. Click this link here and browse to Save the file to the following location:

    C:\Program Files\Creative Home\Hallmark Card Studio 2006

  4. Delete the text in the File Name field.
  5. Right-click in the File Name field and select the Paste option. The File Name field should now look like this:

    Note: You need to make sure the Save window matches both of the blue boxes shown above. If they do not match, this fix will not work properly.

  6. Save the file.
  7. Open Hallmark Card Studio 2006

Note: When saving the file, it must be saved in the correct location with the correct file name and type. The file name must be identical to the one above. It must have the same capitalization, spacing and punctuation. If anything is slightly off, it will not work.