We have found that this is most likely due to a problem with the location of the AlbumData.xml file. Hallmark for Mac looks for this file in the following location:

(USER'S HOME FOLDER)/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml

If the "iPhoto Library" has been renamed to something else, Hallmark for Mac is unable to look for the AlbumData.xml file in this location. Our developers are currently working on an update that will correct this problem. We have no ETA for the update at this time.

In the meantime, you can either work around the problem or fix the underlying cause. To work around the issue, you can simply launch iPhoto and drag/drop image(s) from iPhoto directly onto your Hallmark for Mac project.

If you wish to fix the underlying problem, you will first need to rename the iPhoto Library back to its default name of "iPhoto Library". After you do this, you will then need to launch iPhoto. It will ask you which library you wish to work with. You will select the "iPhoto Library" and click the Choose button. After iPhoto opens and displays the images, you will launch Hallmark for Mac. If it was already open, you may need to close and reopen Hallmark for Mac for the images to appear on the iPhoto tab in the Insert Graphics dialog.