We have heard of this issue from some people. This issue is related to the fonts not installing properly during the initial installation of the program. To install the fonts, please perform the following steps:

Note: This fix requires that you have some sort of zip utility program to open the CAB files. By default, Windows XP can open those files without having any zip utility installed. There are free zip utilities such as WinZip and Izarc that you can download. If you are using something other than Windows XP, you may need to use such a utility, if you do not already have one installed. The specific directions for these utilities will be found with their documentation.

To install the fonts, please perform the following:

  1. Close Hallmark Card Studio 2007.
  2. Minimize all windows so you can see the Desktop.
  3. Right-click on a blank area of the Desktop.
  4. Choose New - Folder from the pop-up menu that appears.
  5. Type in a new folder name, such as "fonts". Note the name of that folder.
  6. Insert disc 1 of Hallmark Card Studio 2007 into your CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  7. If the Installation screen appears, click the Quit button.
  8. Open My Computer, which is found on either your Desktop or by going to the Start menu.
  9. Right-click the drive that shows the "Hallmark CD 1" in it and select the Open option..
  10. Double-click on the folder labeled Hallmark.
  11. Double-click on the file named "Fonts.cab". This is the only Fonts file in this folder. If you have a zip utility installed, it may launch that program.
  12. Click on one of the files so it is highlighted.
  13. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and press once on the "A" key (CTRL+A). This will highlighted all of the fonts. Release the keys.
  14. Go to the File menu and select the Extract option. If this launched a zip utility, you will need to locate the option to extract those files. Please consult the Help file.
  15. On the "Select a Destination" window, locate the folder that was created in step 5 from above and click it once so it is highlighted. If you are in a zip utility, you will need to browse to that folder on your Desktop.
  16. Click the Extract button.
  17. Close all program windows.
  18. Click on the Start button and go to your Control Panel.
  19. Double-click the Fonts option.
  20. Click on the File menu at the top left-hand side of the window.
  21. Select the "Install New Font..." option.
  22. On the Add Fonts Window, double-click the open folder labeled "c:\". The folders listed below it will change.
  23. Double-click the folder labeled "Documents and Settings".
  24. Double-click the folder that shows your user name. If you do not log on with a user name, locate the Owner or Home folder.
  25. Double-click the Desktop folder.
  26. Double-click the font folder from step 5 above. Font names will appear in the "List of fonts:" section.
  27. Click the Select All button. All the names will become highlighted.
  28. Click the OK button.
  29. If offered to overwrite an existing font, select the option to do that.

You may be warned that the fonts are already installed and that the originals need to be deleted before you can do this. Simply click the OK button. You may receive several of these warnings while trying to install the fonts. Do not be concerned. Simply click the OK button for each one until all the fonts are installed.

You should now be able to run Hallmark Card Studio 2007 with all the cards appearing correctly.