There is a known issue in Hallmark Card Studio 2005 & 2006 where events that repeat on either the same row or column of a calendar's month will not display. For example, if you have an event labeled something like "School Event" and it is posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, it will only display Monday after it is brought over to the calendar. The same thing would apply if it was set for every Monday of the month. It would only show on the first item in the column or row.

If you have repeating items with the exact same spelling for each one, you will run into this problem. There is no fix for it in Hallmark Card Studio 2005 or 2006. This issue was corrected in Hallmark Card Studio 2007.

You can get around it by changing the spelling of each successive event. Using the example above, they would set Monday to "School Event 1", Wednesday to "School Event 2" and Friday to "School Event 3". This would insure that all 3 events will show up on that row. The same thing would apply to the column.