To get the dates to show up on this specific month, please perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Hallmark Card Studio 2005.
  2. Select Other Projects.
  3. Select Calendars.
  4. Select Monthly (12 Months).
  5. Select the first calendar with the flowers.
  6. Click on the Personalize and Print this project option.
  7. Select the month of August from the Let's Look at list in the top left corner.
  8. Click on the Art Studio button.
  9. Click in the box where the day cells should be.
  10. Click on the Calendar Style button.
  11. In the Calendar Style window, click on the Elements from the Change Calendar at the top of the window.
  12. From the Select Calendar Element list, scroll down and select the Day Number Text option.
  13. Click on the Font button.
  14. From the Change Font window, scroll down and select the URWImperialT font to match the rest of the calendar.
  15. Click on the OK button to be taken back to the Calendar Style screen.
  16. Click on the OK button to be taken back to the main calendar design screen.

Now you will see the dates in the calendar.